• Laura Jean Palmer-Moloney

    Hi, Stu! Thanks for the validation of the “lonely” period. Sometimes that’s what stops the show, right? Building community takes good communication skills…and often that communication is the part that makes us feel the most vulnerable. We’re taking a chance, putting out ideas, wondering if there are others who’ll believe in them. AND WHEN THEY DO, IT IS AWESOME.

  • big love to you on that one Stu

  • adam

    So True!!

  • Heather J Crider

    Right On Stu! Thanks for sharing!

  • Rebecca Mezoff

    Thanks Stu! Great video and well said. It is lonely in here sometimes… but anything is possible.

  • Juan Bernardo Patino

    Damn, the music in this video was awesome! (To whoever chose it, super great choice!)

  • Diane Sanders

    I loved the music too! How did you go about choosing it?

    • Good question: Inquiring minds would love to know the answer. 🙂 /psb

  • Yvonne Powrie

    Thanks for sharing Stu! Only the lonely can make shit happen (lol) so no matter how lonely we entrepreneurs may feel at times, its all worth it in the end if we can help change someone’s life for the better

  • These little snippets from you Stu are AWESOME. Thank you for putting them out for all of us to enjoy and absorb.