I need your help with an important decision! 

But first, some quick backstory: 

Last August, I had the privilege of welcoming the very first group of students to The TRIBE Course.

The TRIBE Course is where I share all of my knowledge from nearly a decade of helping business owners launch and scale highly profitable membership sites.

It was a very special time for me because, prior to releasing TRIBE, I was only sharing this knowledge through personal coaching and consulting meetups, yet I knew this information had the potential to help a much larger audience.

Once the doors to TRIBE opened, I was touched by the outpouring of engagement from entrepreneurs who were passionate about taking their businesses to the next level.

To my delight, many students saw BIG transformations in their life and business (…that’s the whole point of a course, right!?).

And some of those students were kind enough to submit testimonial videos for a little contest that we’re running.

That’s where you come in. 

The TRIBE Team has narrowed the submissions down to five and now we need help picking the best one.

If you’re so inclined, please take a moment to check out the testimonial videos below and leave a comment on this post letting me know which one you like best.

The Submissions: 

Anna Runyan – “How Stu McLaren’s TRIBE Course Helped Me Create A Business I Love”


Levi Kujala – “Don’t Launch Your Membership Without TRIBE by Stu McLaren”


Shelli Varela – “Impact, Influence and Abundance – Meet Stu McLaren”


Linda Jolliffe – “Why I Said YES to Stu McLaren and TRIBE”


Rachel Miller – “Best Course EVER – Review of TRIBE with Stu McLaren”


Such kind-hearted messages from amazing entrepreneurs… how can I pick just one!?

Needless to say, I’m mega grateful that TRIBE students would take the time to record these videos, and I’ve got some very special prizes in store for the winners.

So please help me make this difficult decision and comment your favourite video below.

I appreciate your opinion 🙂

*PS. TRIBE enrollment is re-opening soon and I’m hosting a free membership site workshop from April 3-12th leading up to the course. You’re welcome to register if you haven’t already. Reserve your seat here –> http://tribeworkshop.com



  • Shelli!!

  • Susan Doerksen Castro

    I would pick Linda Jolliffe – “Why I Said YES to Stu McLaren and TRIBE”. Everything I heard her say i feel like I’ve heard in TRIBE from Stu. That will be such a trust builder and cred reinforcer. The others are good too but start from having a site already that is/was small.

  • Laura Jean Palmer-Moloney

    Hi, Stu. OMG – Love them all, but if I have to select ONE video, I’d go with Rachel Miller 🙂

  • Author Christopher Di Armani

    Ann Runyan is the hands-down winner. Hers is the most compelling of the 5 testimonials by orders of magnitude.

  • Scott Shannon

    As I watched the first three videos I thought, “This is going to be a really tough decision”. Then I watched Linda Joliffe’s. Linda’s was the best to me at the moment she mentioned Stu’s emphasis on integrity, values, and honesty in business. I share Stu’s values in this area. Linda has also motivated me to check out Tribe and then join.

  • Thanks, Stu, for asking. I like them all, and all deserve to win. I vote for Anna Runyan.

  • I watched them all – and each by itself would be great. But having to choose I am going with Anna Runyan. Her’s was the most compelling in terms of how it changed her life, specific figures provided, and the umbrella of integrity and excellence of your program that was reflected by everyone.

  • Danielle

    Anna or Linda!

  • LynnFree

    I really like connection to purpose in Shelli Varela’s video

  • Sheena

    Great videos but going to have to go with Anna Runyan’s. Loved hearing how it changed now only her business but her life.

  • Merlene Hodgson

    I commented on who I picked as winner in another post I came across but not sure if that was the official place to vote…so will use this voting link just in case, but please note the other comment might need to not be taken into account.

    They were all fantastic but for connection I vote for Linda. Levi also has great connection. Well done to everyone.

  • jenniferppriest

    This one: Rachel Miller – “Best Course EVER – Review of TRIBE with Stu McLaren”

  • They all resonated with me, mostly because I was thiiiiiis close to signing up for Tribe last fall, and I can’t wait to join during the next enrollment period! I’ll have to go with Anna, simply because I resonate so much with her story. It sounds so familiar. 😉

  • I think they are all inspiring, but gotta go with Anna Runyon.

  • Gary Duke

    Anna Runyan — her comments were professional and sincere. The story she shared was one that many of us are seeking, to improve our business practically, financially, and do it with less stress than our current situation.

  • Debbie Todd

    Shelli get’s my vote! They are all fabulous but I think Shelli’s purpose is going to leave amazing ripples…

  • I adore Shelli Varela! She’s got my vote.

  • Anna Runyon is da winna! And, if there’s a second place bunch of roses, please give them to Levi. Amazing results!

  • Rob McCleland

    Wow, what a tough decision. I think I was most inspired/uplifted by Anna’s video.

  • JD Smith

    anna, shelli, rachel..bam

  • Wendy Wilmot Schicktanz

    Very tough but inspiring. Casting my vote for Anna.

  • Isabel Drean

    I love Rachel Miller. She is so passionate about what she does.

  • Natalie

    Anna is the best!

  • Sahaj

    Difficult decision as they were all great. Linda’s was my fav because I could relate most to her. Thanks Linda!

  • Jim Vickers

    They are all inspiring but I liked Anna’s best.

  • Traver

    Shelli’s got me, wow that was powerful!

  • Paul Jackson

    That Shelli is a rock star!!! She gets my vote hands down!!!

  • Beth Barbosa

    Hands down, Shelli has my vote. She is the most inspiring and motivating woman I’ve ever met.
    Go get it Captain Varela.

  • Barry Jay Smith

    Rachel Miller

  • Jennifer Kroiss

    Anna Runyan – thanks for letting us view and vote!

  • Becky Runyan Kunczynski


  • Ryan Fairbanks

    Levi Kujala

  • Sarah

    Shelli gets my vote! Service versus sales? Yes please

  • Shelli’s ‘bad-ass’ outlook is the way to go 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Lor Mancera

    For me, Anna Runyan is the best!

  • Shawna Thompson

    I’m on team Shelli!!! What a rock star!

  • Shelli gets my vote!!

  • Katie Momo

    I love these!!! So many good things to say. Shelli, I love your message! (And your own *badass* tribe of women!)

  • Jamie Barbosa

    I vote for Shelli!!

  • Leslie Graham

    I can’t choose!! I love all these people! I’m praying for you Stu 🙂

  • Lee Anne Chambers Gibb

    I vote hands down for Shelli!!!

  • Carlos Alberto Kauer

    All of them are very good!
    I vote for Anna Runyan

  • Natalie Dwyer West

    My vote is with Shelli — Pure — Raw — Passion

  • Steven Thrasher

    I’m joining Team Rachel!

  • Sarah Mestiri

    I vote for Anna!

  • Mary Appleget

    I vote Rachel. 🙂

  • Sarah Haykel

    I vote Shelli!

  • Kimberly Misener

    I vote Shelli!

  • Voting Shelli!

  • Linda May Perkins Lynch

    Shelli Varela gets my vote!

  • Shelli 🙂

  • Karen Atwood

    My vote is for Shelli! Such a powerful message which so many can relate to! They were all great but my fav is Shelli.

  • Jake Heilbrunn

    Shelli all the way!

  • Lea McNeil

    I am for sure voting Shelli. She is a brilliant strong women who inspires so many

  • Charisma

    Go for Shelli!

  • Yvonne Stewart

    Shelli Varela!! Love her!

  • Jane Warr

    awesome video Shelli Varela! 🙂

  • Sitinee Sheffert

    Voting for Anna!

  • Sheila Burnham Hill

    Voting for Shelli Verella

  • Julie Gardner

    All impressive and genuine, but my vote goes to Shelli. She mentioned it being about ‘soul’ not ‘strategy’

  • Megan Smith-Gill

    Shelli is more than a rock star. She is a difference maker. She lives with more purpose and passion than most people I know. I vote Shelli all the way!! The world is a better place with her light shining so brightly!

  • Levi gave the info I would want to make a buying decision. My vote goes for Levi.

  • Paul Lam

    Shelli is amazing !! She is literally a limit breaker, she walks with so much purpose and passion. and even better that she really truly cares !

  • TinierTim

    Shelli is a bad ass. I loved that message!

  • Holly Garratt

    Shelli Varela all the way:

  • Brenda Galloway

    My vote goes to Shelli with Linda being a very close 2nd. They both drew me into their story and got me excited about how Stu’s Tribe program worked well for them to serve more of their target audience.

  • Liis Windischmann

    I vote for Shelli Varela. Investing my time and money in people and businesses with heart and soul is important to me. I love hearing how Stu and Tribe and all the positive energy of both impacted her life. As a fellow badass woman, I resonate with that:)

  • Anna Runyan and CCG hands down! Authentic, professional and still growing! There is just a sense about her that says she’s really all about serving her Tribe, while building a business that fits with her own dreams.

  • Anna Sell Buy Selby

    Shelli Varela 🙅🏼Is my vote hands down

  • Pat Tyrrell

    Ms. Shelli Varela all the way!

  • Jason Beaton

    Shelli Varela

  • Jen Lake

    Hi. My vote is for Anna.

  • Judy Jackson

    Voting for Shelli

  • Eileen Roth

    Anna Runyon because she showed how much Tribe helped her to spend more time with her family. Second to Levi because he made quite a change from 80 to 800 when he thought he knew how to run a site. Can’t wait to launch mine.

  • Anna Runyan – very compelling story.

  • glendashawley

    Shelli Varela

  • Clare Fitzgerald

    Anna Runyan, closely followed by Shelli Varela

  • Trista Lowe

    Vote for Shelli Varela!

  • MuzHn

    Linda Jolliffe, my vote. I’m struggling with self belief & feel her pain. Good luck to you & congratulations for making it through to the other side.

  • Marcell

    Most excellent Shelli. LOVED it!!

  • Matt Mawhinney

    I’m voting YES for Shelli Varela!

  • Shelli Varela followed by Anna Runyan. Both really good stories, and well presented stories, about their aspirations and why they chose Tribe and how it helped them once they found it. I felt their genuine appreciation for what Tribe had helped them accomplish and, had I not invested in Tribe, hearing either one could have persuaded me to take that leap of faith and invest.

  • Charles Appleton

    Anna Runyan

  • Julia Waskawich

    Shelli Varela has my vote 🙂

  • Rob Faux

    Levi Kujala , because he was already using a membership model, but by joining TRIBE his business really took off.

  • Val Ordean

    I vote for Shelli Varela!

  • Treva Marshall

    These stories are great and give nice insight into the power of the TRIBE course. My vote goes to Anna Runyan. I love the passion that came through in her video. Can’t wait to learn more about Stu and the course!

  • Shelli for the win 🙂

  • Julie Ann McLaughlin

    What’s interesting to me this high production value of three out of the five videos, especially Anna’s where she is Hollywood pretty to boot. The two that didn’t rely on editing to me were more persuasive. Rachel for her enthusiasm, but Levi had a compelling story that sold me on the worth of your program. So Levi Kujala has my vote.

  • I vote for Anna Runyan!

  • Robyn

    They are all so good, but Shelli resonated with me most.

  • Lana

    I vote for Linda Jolliffe. I liked the perspective she gave from a personal point of view.

  • Isaac Brandwayn

    I think it the winner should be Levi Kujala. He spoke plainly and concretely.

  • Claire McCarthy

    Everyone is a rockstar but my vote is for Shelli! Git it gurl!

  • Joelene Mills

    Such amazing and inspiring stories! My vote is for Anna Runyan!

  • Lacy Kirkland

    My vote is for Shelli Varela – “Impact, Influence and Abundance – Meet Stu McLaren”!!! You are absolutely incredible, Shelli.

  • Ryan Breakey

    I vote for Shelli Varela “Impact, Influence and Abundance” video. Very well spoken.

  • Madison

    I vote shelli

  • Andrea Herman

    I vote for Shelli! What a home town hero #mississauga

  • Miranda Biggs

    Shelli Varela all the way! What a great presentation!

  • Monica Taylor

    My vote is for Anna Runyan. Love her video and her story.

  • Cindy Waters

    Shelli hands down!

  • Amanda Flisher

    I vote for Anna! She has done incredible things with her membership site!

  • Julie

    I would like to vote for Linda!!😃

  • Wow, what a selection! All of them are really powerful. Depending on the criteria, Stu, you could use each of them in their own way (which you already know ’cause you’re the marketing expert). I could list examples of how each could be used effectively to bring in more TRIBE customers for their respective target audiences, but I think the one that has mass appeal to your target audience is either Anna or Shelli. Both have high-quality production + compelling stories, whereas the other videos *just* have incredibly compelling stories. Of course, maybe “homemade” videos convert better. I haven’t tested that. (You probably have.) It’s a tough call… Great videos all around!

  • Nick Arden

    All great testimonials and all appreciative heart-based entrepreneurs! The one that touched my heart was Shelli Varela, with a close runner up from the Land of Oz, Linda Jolliffe! Thanks to all of them for their inspiration!

  • Hailey Patry

    Shelli Varela all the way!!!!! What a gorgeous soul, powerful woman, and moving testimonial. This is my fave!!!! For so many reasons 😊

  • Mark

    Shella Varela, money is fine but in the end it is not about money,but how you can help other people , very good message short, spontanious ,it hit the core.

  • JL Ng

    I vote for Shelli Varela.

  • Rachel Miller has my vote!

  • Hi Stu, I thought Shelli Varela got the integrity message over the best. They are all good. I’d say Levi Kujala’s one is a runner up.

  • Mitch Gelman

    Hi Stu, I believe Linda Jolliffe “communicates” your “vision” the best! She gets my vote!

  • Linda!!!

  • Paul Benson