• Video says everything that needs be said about the Perfect Business in a very succinct and beautiful way: Well said Stu.

  • Rebecca Douros

    So well said and so very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  • Cathy Hay

    Beautifully said, Stu! I’m implementing your ideas at last, little by little, and oh boy, the difference is night and day. Thank you!

  • Sita

    It means not knowing the difference between a day on and a day off. It means being inspired and excited by new projects all the time. It means creating something tangible. It means living and working – both in one beautiful place that I love. Now to create that.

  • Marvin John Towler

    Really cool Stu!

  • Martha Arifin

    You are so much fun Stu! Love your approach and it’s so true.

  • Lisa Vanderkwaak

    I can’t access the video- says its restricted