I was reading a blog post from Matt Blumberg and he asked “What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

The two types he outlined were a:

  1. Starter:  Someone who starts businesses but usually doesn’t like running or building them.
  2. Builder: A person who may not come up with the idea for a business but is very good at running and building the business.

As I sat back and thought about it, I realized something interesting…

You Need An Opposite Entrepreneur

My entire career has always been about “starting” new things and coming up with idea after idea.

But after a while, I got burnt out.

I grew tired of ideas being half complete, half assed or just a scribble on a piece of paper.

I think all “starters” can relate to this.

And when that happens you have two options:

1)  Find a “Builder” to help you run, manage and grow each idea you come up with.


2)  Learn to become a “Builder” and channel your creativity

In my case, both things happened.

The Beginning

In Tracy Childers (one of my partners in WishList Products), I have someone who is very good at running the business.  It’s all the operational stuff like dealing with merchant accounts, affiliate programs, getting our team paid, making sure the servers, shopping carts, autoresponders and everything else is running properly – all the necessary day-to-day stuff of running a successful business.

All of that stuff is critical and if you don’t have someone keeping a close eye on it, your business will start to crack (trust Click me… I’ve tried doing it myself and because I wasn’t good at it, cracks ALWAYS started to appear… which is why I would move on to the next thing LOL).

My other business partner is Mike Lopez and he’s our Lead Developer for WishList Products.  He has done an AMAZING job of implementing all of our creative ideas and building, teaching and growing our development team.

Without a strong “implementer” like Mike, you have to depend on freelancers (and if you’re looking for long-term cheap MLB jerseys dependability, random freelancers won’t get you there).

So in the beginning, here’s how things would work…

I’d come up with the ideas.

Mike would make it happen.

Tracy would make sure that it continued to happen.

Obviously as our team grew, we added more and more people in supporting roles to help Mike implement faster and to help Tracy maintain the growth.

Plus, once the team gained experience, we started to see people contribute on the “idea” side of New things as well.

It really has been wonderful.

But that’s when I noticed something started to change…

I’m Morphing

Eventually, the ideas that I was coming up with were much more focused.

It was less about starting something “new” and more about making what we already had even better (more of a “Builder” mindset).

So typically “Starters” are creative people who enjoy coming to up with new ideas.  But if you can learn to channel that creativity, what I’ve found is that you’ll end up making WAY more progress.

Don’t get me wrong…

I love creating new stuff.

But now I’m also finding that the process of channeling that creativity towards building long-term assets is just as exciting.

Part of the reason is you reap far more rewards.

When you just “start” things, your ideas rarely reach maturity – so they never achieve their full potential (which can be very unsatisfying).

However, when cheap NBA jerseys there is a focus on “building”, you’ll start to see Paola greater results (which is great for the ego as well as the pocketbook!).

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What About You?

Are you a Starter or cheap jerseys from China a Builder?

If you’re a Starter, my advice is to find yourself a Builder (or two) that you can partner with.  You’ll make WAY more progress than if you struggle à to do everything yourself.  Starters are good at coming up with ideas but we’re terrible at making them work over the long-haul.  So find someone to help compliment your skills.

If you’re a Builder, guess what my advice is going to be?  Yup, you got it… find yourself a Starter.  Starters are essential for you because they breathe life into your business.  The challenge will be keeping them focused on your existing business and not chasing the next shiny object – but if you can do that, you’ll experience tremendous experience.

Your Turn

Have you ever thought about yourself as a Starter or Builder?

What role do you typically play?

Have you ever found yourself “morphing” like me?

Let me know in the comments below.